Youtube Favorites for Toddlers

These videos are my 2.6 year old toddler’s favorites!

Video 1 Colors

Video 2 Shapes1 

Video 3 Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes

Video 4 Wash Your Hands

Video 5 The Reading Machine

Video 6 The A Song

Video 7 Phonics Song with 2 Words

Video 8 Talking ABC phonics animals

Video 9 ABC Song Phonics – LBB

Video 10 Phonics Song 2 – KidsTV123

Video 11 Little Einsteins’ Theme

Video 12 Twinkle twinkle Little Star

Video 13 Pocoyo – Elly’s Doll

Video 14 Red Heart, Yellow Star

Video 15 Island Shapes Groove

Video 16 The Apple is Red

Video 17 Red Car, Blue Car Song

Video 18 5 Little Monkeys

Video 19 3 Little Kittens

Video 20 Rain Rain Go Away

Video 21 Wheels on the Bus

Video 22 Ten in the Bed



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