Choosing a PreSchool

It takes a while to choose the style of learning you think your kid needs , such as traditional, progressive, Montessori (below), etc.

However, for me, after that – is the really important part. 

From my kid’s trial sessions, I then choose the teacher who is almost like me, a chatterbox, an observer, an explorer, and a joyful mother, able to seize every moment as an opportunity for teaching. 

Our son’s first teachers were just like that – with unlimited energy, too – in Playschool International, a British preschool in BGC, Taguig.

I like that they update facebook with their activity of the day every day, and I like that their materials are good and within reach.  Theyve also got 3 teachers whom I feel are so dedicated to the children: Chrissy, Ems, and Albert – to whom we would like to say “Thank you.” 

Never mind the distance we traveled. And never mind the fees. 

It’s always about whom the kid sees and follows as an example. 

What is Montessori education?

Preschool curriculum – skills


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