Painting for Toddlers

Painting can be very simple! Don’t worry, even if you’re not artsy, this will get you started. 

Originally this Paint set (liquid) that i bought was lying around the house because I didnt know how to begin.

After we attended the tshirt painting workshop for kids in the Lil ‘preneur event in Bgy San Lorenzo, Makati, I was able to start and gather the materials for our own painting activity at home, too:

  • Washable paint in basic colors red blue and yellow
  • Roller brushes for painting
  • Toddler paintbrush (p50)
  • Dough shape cutters 
  • Paint dipping container /palette 
  • Shapes from the shape sorter
  • Tshirts
  • Some objects with embossed patterns



First, we let kids try each primary COLOR in a clean piece of paper. 

Mix the colors later to get secondary colors and enjoy the kids’ amazement!


Let them them observe what paint does to newspapers, boxes, objects, and painting paper.  Play with Paint! 


Then on the tshirts, roll your roller brush patterns and stamp your different shapes, like Mickey Mouse’s blank face and ears.  

Work your imagination!   



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