Soap-making to Painting DIY

Try this easy soap-making at home!

I visited a new personal care supplies store in QC, and got a soap base that’s missing only a Shape, Fragrance, and Color. So I bought a soap mold, too, because I would make my family’s soap today. 

Materials needed:

  • 1kg Soapbase (melt and pour type)*
  • Soap Mold*
  • Knife (to cut above soapbase into chunks- the smaller, the sooner they will melt)
  • 500ml Glass jar (preferably with spout for more convenient pouring)
  • Microwave
  • Food Colors***
  • Essential oils/fragrance oils**
  • Dough cutters (for designing)
  • Painting tools: I used washable paint** so we can do it over anytime.) 



Cut the big soap base into small chunks.   

Put them chunks into a big glass jar and microwave for 2-3 minutes. Be sure to take a good peek every minute if soap is fully melted.   

Transfer to a silicone soap mold (do not use metal baking molds) and customize according to your family members’ requests (eucalypus scent, yellow color, etc.)    

Drying time is 2-3 hours. This is the part where everyone couldnt resist dipping their fingers into the mold. (Yes, no matter how many times you remind them it has to be 3 hours for it to harden.) Then it’s finally over! 
I asked them all to take their own soaps from the mold themselves. Everyone felt like a kid again! ( Haha)   

Imprint various designs on the soap, and Paint on it freely!  

Here’s a finished product of my niece:

New batch:  Kids soap designs!

Using a new cute animal mold I bought, I added a Vanilla extract*** to make it fragrant for kids. 

I love the hippo most because he’s so fat!  


Ready for giving away to my officemates’ kids!   
*Ready soap base from Beyond Scents, Georgetown Tandang Sora Ave. Old Balara, QC. 775-3917; 0917-530-3042; 0925-368-0076
**Washable paint from Maam and Moms.
***Food colors and vanilla extract from CK Bakers Center, 1200-K EDSA, Munoz, QC. 927-7549


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