Kal-el goes to Galileo

In the interview, Kal-el was assessed to have a high capacity to learn English.  

So our first English tutorial under Galileo began July 2015, Kal-el starting at the age of 2.7 years old. 

July 1 – Kal-el begins school and does well for 15mins. 

July 2 – Kid does a worksheet on letter A. We were given worksheets as homework. Possibly not only to train the kid but to also TAME the kid daily for 15mins.  Good luck to us *groan*

July 5 – Here’s our first homework: letter E


November 3-  we added Math!! My toddler is staying in school for an extra 30mins now.  

Aside from bringing additional snacks (hehe), this prepares us for the next phase – a possible 2hours in preschool! 


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