Tips for Pumping moms

It’s another round of breastfeeding with my baby girl, and I promised to my baby that I would make it last longer than the first with my elder son. I succeeded!!! 


One of my favorite benefits of breastfeeding is that your baby’s sucking action during breastfeeding practices the muscles used in speaking.  (Guess I will enjoy chatting with another talkative baby soon!)

Prolong your breastfeeding and pumping journey through a sustainable system for pumping:

We have 2 breasts, the left and the right. 

Hold them up high with a handsfree bra. (Pumpease) 

Pump them slowly, one, two, three! (Double electric Medela pump, Lansinoh Signature Pro, Ameda Purely Yours) 

Ounces of milk are good to see! (Avent pump and feed system:  

  • Avent wide-neck bottles 
  • Avent Via Cups
  • Avent Sealing disks
  • Avent converter- lets you pump into Avent bottles and cups from other branded pumps, 
  • Avent blue adaptors for baby to drink from via cups.

Playtex drop-ins storage system: 

  • Playtex drop-in bottles (they have those open bottoms)
  • Playtex drop-in liners (4oz)
  • Playtex one step storage kit (the pump converters inside you pump into playtex bottles from other branded pumps)
  • Playtex sealing disks 

Take the opportunity to buy more pumping stuff online if you’re getting too bored with your system. 

(It always works.. i get excited to pump again!) 

I ordered Angled breastshields from Pumpin’ Pals which made pumping less exhausting. You wont have to lean forward to get milk dripping. You can just relax on your seat and pump. 

Hang your pumping gear:

Use a scarf hanger to put your handsfree bra instead of a regular hanger, so it wont move around and keep falling. 

Clean your pump parts: 

  • Basins
  • Avent bottle brush
  • Pureen bottle cleanser (SnR)
  • Avent 3-in-1 sterilizer
  • Drying racks 
  • Ziplocks (large) for storage 

Other helpful items:

  • Masking Tape for labelling your expressed milk with date and volume in oz. (tape is easier to find if you put the tape on top, not on the side) 
  • Tape dispenser (so much easier!) 
  • Dedicated freezer space for breastmilk
  • Lansinoh or Ainon breastmilk bags (when all your bottles are in the storage already)
  • Cooler bag and icepack for travel
  • Travel bag for pump 
  • Travel Pump set for the office (so you can do without the tiresome packing and unpacking) 

Breastfeeding helps ensure that we do not overload our babies’ digestion process.  

Remember the 1oz per hour rule. If your baby drank 8oz when you were away for 8 hours, then that should be ok.  (Add more if your baby’s weight is heavy for his age.)


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