A toddler’s Homemade giveaways 

Every year for my toddler’s birthday, I buy simple toys as his birthday treats for his Sunday School classmates. He gives them out by himself – I vividly remember my smaller self doing this exact same thing when I was in school… (Thanks, mom!!)

This year, for my new toddler, a 1 year old girl, my idea is to make it extra special by making these giveaways myself. I made for the kids’ Sunday school churchmates some kiddie soap!  

Note: Aside from making their friends happy, the kids themselves will have fun watching and understanding how soap is formed.  However, this activity is not for kids to do by themselves as it requires holding a jar containing hot melted soap and pouring them into the soap mold. 

To make your own kiddie soap, follow this:

1. Soapbase “melt and pour type” that is mild for kids – check! 

2. Buy some cute bakery molds from your local bakery ingredients store. – check! 

3. Make the soap. (Instructions in “Soapmaking” post.)

4. Since you know your kid’s close friends’ names, you can even engrave their names on the soap!

Toddler-friendly Soap with vanilla scent, in various shapes (animals and the regular “dove” shape for the mommies and daddies!) 


The cost is low, and the toddlers most likely don’t get this kind of giveaways anywhere else!! They would love taking a bath with these animal-shaped soaps! 


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